May 18, 2015

Forex Contest Squared Financial, price money $ 5,000

Occasionally I get messages in my mailbox about upcoming forex trading challenges, organized by different brokers. Most of the time, the period of the challenge is relatively short, you may trade on demo accounts and the price money is good!

Maybe some of you, interested in forex trading (beginners or even more advanced traders, like to challenge them self or compare their trading with a group of competitors. But be aware, maybe we may not call this challenges "trading" because to even come close to the yields of the winners, you have probably to violate your own risk rules. Because you have to trade with high leverage!!! But maybe that is the charm or better "lesson to learn" for many (beginning) traders, that they can experience the consequences of trading with high risk (leverage) within a real environment.

So if you are interested in trading forex, you can participate challenges to earn price money and earn some additional passive income. The participation is always FREE of charge. Maybe you can post your experiences and your end result here as a comment to the post in which the challenge you participated in was announced.

The fourth challenge I want to post is of broker:


Challenge starts 4th of June till the 2nd of July
Price money $5,000

 Already 844 have registered for this challenge!!


  1. The participation is always FREE of trading works

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