May 18, 2015

Forex Contest Squared Financial, price money $ 5,000

Occasionally I get messages in my mailbox about upcoming forex trading challenges, organized by different brokers. Most of the time, the period of the challenge is relatively short, you may trade on demo accounts and the price money is good!

Maybe some of you, interested in forex trading (beginners or even more advanced traders, like to challenge them self or compare their trading with a group of competitors. But be aware, maybe we may not call this challenges "trading" because to even come close to the yields of the winners, you have probably to violate your own risk rules. Because you have to trade with high leverage!!! But maybe that is the charm or better "lesson to learn" for many (beginning) traders, that they can experience the consequences of trading with high risk (leverage) within a real environment.

So if you are interested in trading forex, you can participate challenges to earn price money and earn some additional passive income. The participation is always FREE of charge. Maybe you can post your experiences and your end result here as a comment to the post in which the challenge you participated in was announced.

The fourth challenge I want to post is of broker:


Challenge starts 4th of June till the 2nd of July
Price money $5,000

 Already 844 have registered for this challenge!!

May 5, 2015

VoIP provider CheapConnect: review & ervaringen

CheapConnect de VOIP provider:

CheapConnect is een VoIP aanbieder met voordelige telecomoplossingen voor zowel particulieren, als bedrijven. Met uitstekende kwaliteit zijn ze tegelijkertijd ook voordelig. De telefoniedienst die CheapConnect aanbiedt wordt via VoIP genoemd. Dit betekent bellen via internet. Door een VoIP nummer te kopen kunt u met een internetverbinding gemakkelijk en voordelig bellen naar zowel vaste als mobiele nummers in binnen- en buitenland.

Mijn ervaringen met CheapConnect:

Sinds nu ruim anderhalf jaar maak ik gebruik van de diensten van CheapConnect. De dienstverlening van CheapConnect vindt plaats naar volle tevredenheid van mij. Met Cheapconnect kun je zowel bellen als gebeld worden. Dus je hebt een persoonlijk telefoonnummer. CheapConnect is goedkoop en doorzichtige facturering, de service is volwassen, stelt weinig vereisten aan hardware, is gemakkelijk te configureren / in te stellen en heeft legio gemakkelijke uitbreidingstoepassingen.

Elk van de bovengenoemde voordelen, zal ik meer detail bespreken in verschillende delen die ik volgtijdelijk na deze top post:

  • bellen als wel gebeld worden: bij CheapConnect krijgt je een telefoonnummer waarop je kan bellen maar ook kunt worden gebeld. Dus een volledige telefoondienst (voor meer zie Deel 1)
  • goedkoop en doorzichtige facturering: CheapConnect is een van de goedkoopste VoIP aanbieders, een laag vast jaarlijks abonnement en tevens lage gesprekskosten. De kosten tussen CheapConnect bellers is zelfs gratis! De facturering is doorzichtig en vindt maandelijks plaats (voor meer zie Deel 2)
  • de service is volwassen: de service van de organisatie CheapConnect is uitzonderlijk. Er zijn veel manieren om je vragen beantwoord te krijgen, waaronder Nederlandstalige live chat. Het storingspercentage is laag (voor meer zie Deel 3)
  • de hardware vereisten zijn minimaal:  in principe is een internetverbinding al voldoende om gebruik te maken van de diensten van CheapConnect (voor meer zie Deel 4)
  • de telefoondienst is gemakkelijk te configureren / in te stellen:  je hardware is eenvoudig in te stellen voor het gebruik van de telefoondienst van CheapConnect (voor meer zie Deel 5)
  • legio van uitbreidingstoepassingen: CheapConnect biedt naast een telefoonnummer waarop je zowel kan bellen als gebeld kan worden, een legio van toepassingen (veelal gratis) als uitbreiding op basis telefoondienst, zoals o.a. nummerbehoud, doorschakelen van het gesprek naar je mobiel, voicemail naar email (voor meer zie Deel 6)


“Vrienden” programma:

CheapConnect kent een aantrekkelijk “vrienden” programma waarbij zij aan bestaande klanten voordeeltjes geven op het moment dat via hun nieuwe klanten gaan bellen via CheapConnect. Dus indien u prijs stelt op het kennisnemen van mijn ervaringen met CheapConnect, kunt u uw waardering uitspreken door u bij CheapConnect aan te melden via deze link   HERE!!!  Bij voorbaat dank!

National Achievers Congress Amsterdam 2015

Today the National Achievers Congress 2015 will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The Congress is a great opportunity to get acquainted with strategies to obtain passive income. Besides that there are always so well known guest speakers who will motivate and inspire you in your endeavour to reach your financial goals.

The guest speakers of the National Achievers Congress 2015 are:
  • NICK VUJICIC: Without any medical explanation or warning, Nick Vujicic was born with neither arms nor legs. Growing up, Nick had to learn to accomplish tasks like cleaning teeth, brushing hair, typing, sports and personal challenges of being bullied in school and depression.
    As time went by, Nick began to embrace his situation and understand his purpose in life. He obtained a double degree in accounting and financial planning and since his first speaking engagement at 19, he has traveled the world, speaking to millions of people; students, teachers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, heads of state, and has been interviewed on Oprah and 20/20.
    Now a happily married and father, Nick shares with his audiences the importance of dreaming big. He challenges others to examine their perspective and look beyond their circumstances and see obstacles as opportunities for growth.
  • CHRIS GARDNER: Chris Gardner is the author of the book, "The Pursuit of Happyness," a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller based on his life story. A series of adverse circumstances in the early 1980's left Gardner homeless in San Francisco and the sole guardian of his toddler son. Unwilling to give up on his dreams of success, he climbed to the top of the financial industry ladder from the very bottom. It is the inspiration behind the acclaimed movie "The Pursuit of Happyness". Now, his aim is to help others achieve their full potential through his speaking engagements and media projects.

Other speakers on specific subjects to obtain passive income from different fields are:
  •  Marcus De Maria: "Forex Your Way to Freedom" Not too many years ago, Marcus was living on his brother's floor and over £100,000 in debt. Immersing himself with wealth creation education, he came across a formula for financial wealth and applied it. Today, Marcus is a well respected stock market and wealth educator, owner of his company Investment Mastery, and financially independent. He now fulfills his purpose in life sharing the formula he learnt so that others can also be financially free. Marcus is the author of the book, "Wealth Workout – the Simple Seven Step Formula for Financial Success", and has appeared on BBC TV's The Money series (How To Be A Millionaire, 2011). 
  • James MacNeil: "The Most Underestimated Vehicle for Driving Your Marketing". James MacNeil is the author of the Upcoming book, The Guru Builder. He’s a Communications Coach, Consultant, Trainer and a National Best-Selling author. He has dedicated more than 15 years to helping individuals achieve their potential. James has worked with top corporations and is one of Canada’s top paid speakers having addressed over 1600 live audiences and sharing the stage with mega-brands such as Les Brown, Donald Trump and Sir Richard Branson. He will show you how the most effective marketing tool is a book and how you can use a book to generate tons more leads, differentiate yourself in the marketplace and generate more income than ever before.
  • Peng Joon:"Turn Your Laptop into a Money Machine" Peng Joon is recognized as the authority on how to make big money through the internet. In less than 7 years, he has built an 8 figure business through his 527 (and counting) websites. It wasn't always like this. In 2005, Peng Joon was a $51,000 in debt. Left with a computer, internet connection and $231 in his bank account, he started his first website and has never looked back. Over the years, Peng Joon has refined his 5 step system that has helped thousands monetize their passion, earn passive income online, quit their full time jobs and live the dot com lifestyle. His system has been widely regarded as the most strategic and innovative approach to growing an online empire.
  • Pip Stehlik: "A property investor, business owner". He was working in his family grocery store when he decided to take control of his financial future and learn how to invest in property. Within 16 months of his training at Legacy Alliance Education in 2001, he successfully invested in 41 properties and never looked back!In 2007, Pip became one of the top property trainers in the US and Canada. Over the past year, Pip has been teaching internationally, helping hundreds of people by educating them on how to achieve their goals through property.A property investor, business owner, International speaker, top trainer and family man, Pip Stehlik is living the life he designed for himself and is here to show you how YOU can do the same.
  • JT Foxx:"How to build an 8 figure business in 8 months locally, nationally and globally"JT Foxx is widely considered one of the top speakers, coaches and now consultants in the world, with business interests and companies in the United States, Canada, Africa, UK, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. JT is also a media personality having had a radio show for 7 years and now can be regularly seen and interviewed on CNBC, Forbes, BBC and many other TV and radio shows all around the world and is a contributing author for Forbes Africa and Prestige Magazine. His drive and passion is to use his expertise in investing and business to help others succeed and make this planet a better place for entrepreneurs.
  • Itzik Amiel: "The Power of Connections". Itzik Amiel is the author of bestselling networking book "The Attention Switch." He is known as an inspiring speaker and trainer at events all over the world and his passion is to help people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful relationships.Itzik's comes with the experience of two decades working with major global brands to increase business development, networking and overall success. He is the founder and CEO of EyeRon Group and the Power Networking Academy.You will learn how to become an authentic networker, to attract new clients, influence others and deeply connect with your relationships. And how these connections can make you successful both professionally and in your personal life.
  • Dr Jane Cox: "Money Magnetism. How to Understand It, Attract It, and Keep it!" Dr Jane Cox is a world-renowned human & business performance specialist, with highly-developed specific expertise in the psychology of wealth and wealth creation.She has long been fascinated by what, in her words, “makes people be the people they are”. A qualified doctor of psychology, with two other doctorates, additional business degrees in both marketing and communication, and several other post-graduate qualifications, she brings a unique blend of cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and real-world pragmatic expertise. Jane runs a range of workshops for private individuals covering wealth, development, and personal growth, with a focus on creating lasting change and a real passion for giving people not just the knowledge they need to make their lives better, but also the methods & tools to make those changes happen. She is authentic, straight-forward, and hugely passionate about helping people live a life they love.
  • Andy Harrington:"Powerful & Effective Presentation Tactics for Business". At age 28, Andy Harrington was working in Insurance, making £1,500 a month and was addicted to class A drugs. After he hit rock bottom, he turned his life around and started a company that is still thriving today and pulling in over £50 million. Not satisfied with this, Andy began teaching and inspiring others to reach their potential and quickly became one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. Andy is an extraordinary talent on stage. His ability to move, inspire and influence large groups of people has made him a popular choice for many UK’s best loved speakers in coaching them to perform their best on stage. You will learn how you can influence, persuade and people from stage, from a screen, or a boardroom and make your business grow phenomenally through effective public speaking.
  • Douglas Nelson: "How to Ignite Your Own Economy". Doug Nelson's experience as a child growing up in poverty became the catalyst that made him decide he would create his own wealth and freedom. At 23, Doug started the first of many successful businesses. By age 34, he was completely financially free. Later that year Doug lived through an event that would forever change his life — he was in a serious natural gas explosion. Coming back from the brink of death and spending a year in rehabilitation, Doug realized the power of his unique financial situation. His passion and his mission became teaching people “How to Ignite their Own Economy” so that no matter what happens in their life they are financially bulletproof. His first book “Catch Fire” went to #1 its first day out and he is one of the most dynamic trainers on the planet today. Doug has taught tens of thousands of students internationally the principals and skills of creating Financial Freedom.
  • Dr. Renée Moor: "Go Big or Go Home. Success Isn't for 'Wimps'!". From the poorest beginnings on a small ranch in Texas where she was raised together with her three sisters by a single mother, Dr. Renée Moore overcame the most challenging circumstances to create a life that many only dream about. By the age of 35, as a single woman living in Germany, she grew her own multi-million Euro companies in Europe, Asia and Latin America, all from in her office in Deidesheim, Germany. The Huffington Post named her as a New Global Leader, and she has served on the executive team of 100+ growing European businesses. "Success comes to those who make it happen for themselves. If I can do it as an American woman living in Germany, then you can too."
The National Achievers Congress 2015 will be held the 5th and 6th of  May 2015,
Amsterdam RAI
Europaplein 11
1078 GZ Amsterdam

May 4, 2015

National Achievers Congress follow up seminar Property Investing

In my search of looking for opportunities to generate additional passive income, have I joined the National Achievers Congress's follow up seminar on Property Investing (Real Estate). The seminar was held the weekend of the 26th of July in the Novotel Hotel in Amsterdam.

The organizer:

The seminar was organized by Tigrent Learning UK. Tigrent Learning provides training that uses an integrated approach to provide customers with the knowledge, skill, tools and techniques they can apply to create wealth. During the weekend we only make acknowledge to the fundamentals of property investing. The follow up course of Tigrent Learning UK is called "Rich Dad Learn to Be Rich"  and is focused on property investing.  The course content is presented through a combination of live sessions, field training, property sourcing, mentoring and independent study.  It is based on the teachings and philosophies of Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. As presenter of the fundamentals of the course during the weekend in Amsterdam, Tigrent Learning UK has invited Kevin Green.

Kevin Green:
Kevin Green is a self-made multi-millionaire, social entrepreneur and one of the UK’s largest residential property landlords and a multi-business owner. He has a wealth of experience in the property investment world and heads a number of successful companies and other non  property related businesses.

Kevin continues to thrive in business and chooses to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs by sharing his knowledge and wisdom. Kevin’s passion is to educate, motivate and inspire others and his passion and enthusiasm is quite infectious. His down to earth approach is often referred to by those who know him as “exactly what it says on the tin”. He is an international trainer and property investor with a wealth of knowledge who started off with a dream which, he made into a reality.

The weekend:
During the intro at the National Achievers Congress they have given us the impression that the course would not only based on the situation in the UK, but would be made tailor made for the Dutch situation. During the weekend we have received the fundamentals of teaching of the UK property market. Kevin Green was teaching the fundamentals of investment strategies currently implemented throughout the UK such as Social Housing, Buy-To-Let, Lease Options and Land Development. He tried to convince us that the UK market is the most profitable one currently, to prefer above the Dutch property market.

As a foreigner you can easily join investing within the UK market via the Tigrent Organization. But there is Dutch saying “the eye of the master makes the horse fat”, which means that you have to hold a close eye on your investments from the choice of selected houses till the management of it. If you are not capable of doing so, because you live abroad and have to give this whole process in the hands of a third party, the rentability will drop dramatically. And the danger is that a lucrative investment in the beginning can easily turn in a losing situation. Although most of the fundamentals are uniform for all  international property markets, during that weekend we were mostly teached on the specifics of the UK market, which was a bit disappointed. Would I recommend the course for a foreigner?  Only if you have a strong preference to invest in property in the UK and you are willing to let a third party manage your investments fee based. And may the investment turn into a losing situation,  the third party will not take part in the lost. This is not how I want to invest! I want to be in control so I can make “the horse fat”.

National Achievers Congress 2015: 
Tigrent Learning UK is also present on the National Achievers Congress of 2015. The same introduction program, but currently presented by Pip Stehlik.

Pip Stehlik was working in his family grocery store when he decided to take control of his financial future and learn how to invest in property. Within 16 months of his training at Legacy Alliance Education in 2001, he successfully invested in 41 properties and never looked back!In 2007, Pip became one of the top property trainers in the US and Canada. Over the past year, Pip has been teaching internationally, helping hundreds of people by educating them on how to achieve their goals through property.A property investor, business owner, International speaker, top trainer and family man, Pip Stehlik is living the life he designed for himself and is here to show you how YOU can do the same.