Jan 14, 2015

My resolutions for 2015

I do not know if it is internationally socially acceptable or etiquettes still allow, to wish everyone a Happy New Year halfway into the month of January. But I think even it is not socially allowed, it can't be wrong to give someone the best wishes. And that is what I do. I want to send all my readers (followers) the best wishes for him/her and his/her loveones!! May all your wishes and dreams come true this year. But for most I do wish everyone a good health, because I belief health is the most important and precious asset of every human being!!

A new year 2015 has begun. Everyone make their resolutions. But I think it is more important to investigate your resolutions from last year first and ask yourself, "have I fulfilled my last year resolutions?" and if not, "are these resolutions still valid and valuable to me?". Well my main public resolution of last year was, striving for finding opportunities which can generate additional income. Well now 2014 has ended I have to evaluate them.

Did I succeed in finding opportunities which can generate additional income for me and which correlates well with my lifestyle? Well I can answer it affirmative. I went to the National Achievers Congress to orientate myself. I bought some follow up seminars to get some more in depth information on several issues. From these I choose three which feels good to me and I want to give a try. The three opportunities are: internet marketing, foreign exchange trading (Forex) and domain trading.

What are now concrete my public resolutions for the year 2015. Well go forward in all three and ,important for this blog and for you as reader or follower, to describe my journey. I know I have made promis last year also. I would describe in my blog my search for additional income. And for sure I would liked it but have not found always the time to do so. I was especially the last quater of this year very busy with setting up a business (dropshipping). It was concentrating on gifts for Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Season. It made a turnover in that period of $20k. It was based on the principles thought in one of the follow up seminars of the National Achievers Congress. I will describe it in the blog and archive it under the tab internet marketing.

I'm intent to keep my promises to you, to give a detailed description of my search and the exploitation of my opportunties to generate additional income. Now it has to be done in hindsight, but I will give my feedback on all the follow up courses I participate from the National Achievers Congress. I will give you an update on each and one of them till the current stage of it in 2015. I do hope you will appreciate it! I do apologize. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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