Oct 4, 2014

Forex Trading with Courtney Smith

In my search of looking for opportunities to generate additional passive income, have I joined the National Achievers Congress's follow up seminar on Forex Trading. The seminar was held the weekend of the 26th of September in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam.

The tutor:

The seminar speaker was Courtney Smith. He is one of the most successful investors of the last 30 years with a sound and solid track record. He is a multi-disciplinary leader and the only person in history to have a highly ranked hedge fund, stock picking letter, mutual fund, and futures newsletter. Courtney has spoken throughout the world, appeared on over 1.000 TV shows reaching tens of thousands with his dynamic and fun approach to the stock market, futures and forex and authored 7 books. I personally would recomment these (with link):

The "free" trading money:

Part of the package we bought at the National Achievers Congress, was that after following the course mr. Smith will fund us an account to trade with to become a trader for a living. The rules are: he would take care of the losers and winners would be split half in half. That he will start with a small funding in the beginning and along the path he will transfer a second pile, a third etcetera. The starting money was 500$. As soon as it all administratively is settled, and I can start to trade with it, I'm intend to make my trading publicly. You as a visitor will be provided with link so you can follow.  

Courntey's forex trading strategy:

The name of the three days course was "Make a Living as a Trader". He has thought us system that would only take max. 15 minutes of your time per day to monitor the charts to take appropriate action. The system is applicable to Forex as well to CDF's, Futures and Stock(indices).

In my following posts I will give a summary of his method, so for those who are also interested to get additional passive income out of trading will have a chance to follow me along my path!!!


  1. Hey man, good luck with your trading..

    You can check out my blog as well where I also document my trades based on my Methodology.

    Let me know how my Trading Manuals compare to the one you got from Courtney.


  2. Hi Duane,
    Thanks mate!!
    I'm currently in London for the seminar of Les Brown. But as soon I will be back home, I will react to your remark more extend!!!

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