Sep 18, 2014

National Achievers Congress follow up seminar Forex Trading

From the 26th till 28th of September, I will join the National Achievers Congress's follow up seminar on Forex Trading. The seminar will be held in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam.

Courtney Smith is one of the most successful investors of the last 30 years. He is a multi-disciplinary leader and the only person in history to have a highly ranked hedge fund, stock picking letter, mutual fund, and futures newsletter. Courtney has spoken throughout the world, appeared on over 1.000 TV shows reaching tens of thousands with his dynamic and fun approach to the stock market, futures and forex and authored 7 books. I personally would recomment these (with link):

Although I'm not new to trading, I really curious of what Mr. Smith will teach me. I have high hopes. He promised us at the National Archievers Congress that he would teach us a system that only takes max. 15 minutes of your time to monitor the charts to take appropriate action. Besides that he is so convinced of the success rate of his system that he would provide every single student some of his money to trade with.

Let us see if this still stands by end of September (if he can remember his promise) and if so, what the conditions are. Or maybe what the catch is!!!!

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