Sep 17, 2014

National Achievers Congress 2014: sourcing for passive income!

The National Achievers Congress (further abbreviated by me as NAC) was my way to source for opportunities to generate additional passive income. It is like "marketplace". During the two days event a lot of speakers, all successful in their field, are given the opportunity to inspire the audience by given a quick insight as an appetizer and encourage everyone to subscribe to their follow up seminars later on that year. The NAC is a yearly recurring event organized by Success Resources in currently 21 countries. The title of the 2014 event was:

The pursuit of wealth & "happyness". 

The keynote speaker was the author of the book Chris Gardner. The book was filmed successfully starring Will Smith in the role of Chris Gardner. During the event there were speakers in the following fields:
  • personal development: Les Brown and Pieter Monsma;
  • business development: Tom Hopkins (sales tactics), JT Fox (branding and business organization) and Itzik Amiel (social media);
  • domain trading: Daniel Miller;
  • forex trading: Courney Smith;
  • property trading: Kevin Green;
  • internet marketing: Adam Ginsberg;
  • publishing: Gerry Robert.

My follow up sourcing choices:

Based on the intros of speaker I was interested in and subscibe for having follow up seminars in the following fields: domain trading, forex trading and internet marketing. Besides those my spouse subscibed to: Les Brown, JT Fox and property trading (Kevin Green). I may join her as a guest.

In my blog I will describe further my journey to generate passive income based on the seminars in the fields of domain trading, forex trading and internet marketing. I have categorized the fields by pages in my blog!!

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